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    Our philosophy in Business Training and Coaching

    [cml_media_alt id='9032']business-coaching-company[/cml_media_alt]During the eighteen years we have spent in Fedro, our aim for business training and coaching has always been one: that of supporting our clients in the accomplishment of their individual and organizational goals, working to reach an organizational well-being, and using the most effective tools for the specific case.

    These experiences, in which people have always been at the heart of each activity and experimentation, are summed up in the integrated training system of which we avail ourselves.

    Class training, to stimulate and support the acquisition of behaviours, skills, beliefs backing up targets and changes required by people and by the systems in which our clients live and work.

    Coaching, to help people overcome inner and organizational difficulties coming between them and desired results.

    Lastly, start ups we call “learning experiences”, performed both indoors and outdoors, to unleash energy through emotion and put into practice the lesson learned.

    Our Staff

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    Bruno Benouski


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    Laura Quintarelli


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    Michela Alunni

    Direttore School of Coaching & Mentoring








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