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    Tribal Leadership

    [cml_media_alt id='9045']tribal-leadership[/cml_media_alt]Authors: Dave Logan, John King, Halee Fischer-Wright

    Introduction to the Italian edition: Bruno Benouski

    Publisher: Franco Angeli

    Transform yourself and your team with coaching


    L’arte di trasformare i desideri in risultati (The art of turning desires into results)

    [cml_media_alt id='7761']arte-trasformare[/cml_media_alt]Authors: Bruno Benouski, Riccardo Santilli, Laura Quintarelli

    Publisher: Franco Angeli

    How to make your expectations come true with the guide of a NLP expert modern Aladdin


    Conquistare il cliente con la PNL (Winning the client with NLP)

    [cml_media_alt id='7762']conquistare_cliente_pnl_[/cml_media_alt]Authors: Bruno Benouski, Laura Quintarelli
    Publisher: Franco Angeli

    From Seller to Buying Advisor with Neuro-linguistic Programming


    Business Coaching

    [cml_media_alt id='7755']libro business coach[/cml_media_alt]Authors: Massimiliano Cardani, Andrea Martone, Laura Quintarelli, Silvia Tassarotti
    Publisher: Ipsoa

    A technique to improve business performances