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    Business Training

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    Even a traditional place like the training classroom can turn into an innovative workshop where interactivity and creativity are used to reach training goals.

    Besides usual learning tools, we use coaching, play and discussion to encourage changes at all levels: behaviours, skills, values, beliefs, identity.

    Interactive paths based on direct experimentation, practice, play and discussion. A wide space is dedicated to feedback and to the defining of improvement goals and specific action plans.

    Business Training paths

      3 Training levels 

      • Core Leadship Skills – Base models
      • Leader Identity – Addressed to senior managers
      • Beyond Leadership – Dedicated to top managers, to strenghten personal carisma



      Creativity can be learned. Disciplining thought to produce out-of-the-box ideas and solutions.


      Problem setting and solving

      To solve a problem it needs to be understood, analysed, and a method of producing ideas and scenarios is required. Decision making is another skill developed in this training.



      Giving and receiving feedback in a productive way assumes having the ability of connecting with the speakers, understanding their needs and being able to empathize with their reality.


      Presentation skill

      A highly interactive course, customized on the client’s need, to enhance performances in professional presentations.


      Be a mentor

      Supporting internal mentors in the learning of a method allowing the transfer of experiences and the development of mentee’s autonomy.


      Manager coach

      Teaching a manager how to use coaching approach, integrating it to other managerial models to increase the workers’ autonomy and affect their performance positively.


      Self coaching

      It is a self-consciousness and self-improving strategy implying will and motivation to work on oneself.

      Activations, challenging practice and the active participation of the group contribute to the success of this course, which has a strong impact on emotions.