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    Coaching & Mentoring School

    Fedro Coaching & Mentoring School was born in October 2002, with the start of our first professional Coaching development course. Coaching was taking its first steps in our country, and we were already driven by the will to spread it and deepen its exploration. Ten years after we are still driven by the same enthusiasm.

    The aim of our school is to discover and divulge, train expert and passionate Coaches and Mentors, share experiences and models, encourage the culture of responsibility and of commitment, strengthen the Community.

    In our Coaching courses we support both approaching the practice and professional admission, with learning programmes planned to answer different needs with different methods.

    From classroom to supervision, from coach Mentoring to the Community. Finally, we broadened further our training offer introducing another powerful tool for professional growth and organizational culture improvement: Mentoring.

    To participate to the Coaching & Mentoring School courses one must subscribe a registration form, in which are listed the methods of refund, cancellation and payment plan.

    Becoming a Coach

    In our training activity we constantly refer to Core Competencies and ethical guidelines promoted by the International Coach Federation. All our courses give ICF credits and are acknowledged as accredited trainings.

    Coach Evolution

    Coach Evolution is the Coaching & Mentoring School section dedicated to update and specialization for professional Coaches, that is anyone who has been a practicing coach for at least 3 years and has ICF credentials.

    Becoming a Mentor

    Training course for professionals and consultants who want to share experiences and knowledge, offering themselves as Mentors for Talents or Executives.

    Community for practice

    The Community of former Coaching & Mentoring School students, dedicated to the exchange of experiences, update on latest trends and Peer Coaching opportunities. Come in!



    Michela Alunni

    PCC, Director School of Coaching & Mentoring

    Since ’98 she has dealt with Training and Recruitment for Fedro srl Consulting Company. During the course of her activity she joined as Project Manager the planning and execution of educational paths like the “HR Selection, Management and Development” Master. Since 2000 she has been performing coaching activities, specializing in Personal and Career Coaching.


    Bruno Benouski

    PCC, executive coach,  NLP trainer

    He has been working for more than 20 years in HR consulting, holding key responsibility roles, and in Experiential Training and Business Coaching service provision.

    He is a content writer on HR development issues.


    Laura Quintarelli

    MCC, Executive Coach, 2008 President of ICF Italy, Local Chapter of the International Coach Federation

    Certified PNL Trainer. Mentor coach and supervisor. She published papers on Coaching and HR.


    What people say about us

    I’m writing to tell you that I received confirmation of my ICF credential approval for PCC level yesterday. This is an important milestone in my coaching path: since it had started several years ago with you, I wanted to share this moment and let you know that the ‘discover’ of coaching I made with Fedro has been to me much more than a new job: the appearance of coaching into my life has been a revolution in my way of thinking and acting, which encouraged me to change and grow in a brand new and unexpected way.

    I hope to be soon in Rome for a celebration toast with you; thanks for having walked down this path with me, and for having left such a mark in my life and experience.

    Andrea C. – professional Coach

    This was an extremely interesting and positive experience to me. I particularly appreciated the teachers’ professionalism and their ability to go deep into subjects, together with the possibility for the participants to train practically. The Master was certainly demanding, but the topics were so vast and complex that they required a fast pace and the possibility to assimilate them over time. In this regard, workshops were for me an important and necessary step. I thank everybody for having provided their experience and advices during practices and supervisions, allowing me to understand my mistakes and, most of all, to activate my ability to improve. HR Manager for a multinational company

    I was looking for a course which, in addition to providing the right tools to face professional coaching, could also be a place where I could give myself a challenge as a professional and exchange views with fellow students affected with the same passion as mine: people’s development and growth. My expectations were fully satisfied: our trainer coaches were skilful, class climate was right and relaxed, my classmates were stimulating! Thank you Fabia Bergamo – consulent & counselor

    It’s very important to me – and I really mean it, now that the Master is finished – telling you all my appreciation and esteem, not only for the X Edition organization and its contents, but for the contribution you three gave to the course: your style and peculiarities enriched the already vast knowledge I learned during the course.

    My decision to choose Fedro to move my first steps to become a Coach has proven to be winning and absolutely fit to my expectations/needs; that’s why I think that continuing my training path with you will be a right choice, again.

    Emanuela Fulli – Manager for a multinational company

    Coaching is a serious thing”, this is the first observation that comes to my mind when I think about my experience with Fedro. I decided to attend the Master without knowing anything about Coaching, only driven by the desire to learn something new. I surely was very lucky, because I had the (comforting) opportunity to find out that expertise and competence can still be found in a field with a great amount of amateurishness in it.What excited me wasn’t just what I learned (and I can assure you I learned so much), but most of all the passion for coaching that each of the teachers transmitted to me.

    I find it hard to use the term “master”, because the most suitable expression to describe this is “learning by doing”. One delves into coaching since the beginning, and the result isn’t just a mere acquisition of contents or techniques, but a new way to face everyday working, or other kind of, situations.Rosalba Silverio – Teacher

    A course held by real Coaching experts, combining the right mix of theory and practice. Useful to anyone who, like me, wants to grow professionally and individually, or to step into a new stimulating career.
    Alessandro Cavallieri – Graduate