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    Coaching & Mentoring School Community


     Fedro can support companies and agencies in organizing events of internal/external communication, offering skills and know-hows gained through team building and outdoor activities. In particular, Fedro can organize team activation sessions during conventions, incentives, business kick-offs, product launches. Contact us  Contact us

    A community of the School of Coaching & Mentoring former students, dedicated to experience exchange, update on new trends, Peer Coaching opportunities.

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    The community

    The community was born with the aim of creating a space in which exchanging experiences and knowledge and updating on new trends. A space in which Coaches at various levels of development can meet and be involved in conversations allowing a broadening of competences, knowledge and specific skills. The Community will be animated by thematic discussions from the School’s Facebook Group and single-subject workshops. Moreover, we offer the opportunity to train with Peer coaching, useful to reach the required Coaching hours for ICF credentials.

    Peer Coaching

    Peer coaching is a coaching relationship in which  two professionals exchange their coaching services, bartering them. It has a triangular structure, in which the one offering himself/herself as a Coach will be given by Fedro a client and a coach as well, chosen among the community subscribers. According to the triangular shape each Coach has a Coachee, and is, in turn, somebody else’s Coachee.

    Participating to the Community is a free activity dedicated to course students and to ex-alumni of the School of Coaching & Mentoring.