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    Mentoring Aziendale


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    Dedicated to internal Mentors and Coaches


    Culture and expertise: assets to be valued.

    Mentors transfer their experience and whatever derives from it, in order to improve business culture and competences.
    This action requires complex skills, from listening to storytelling to the managing of improvements and responsibilities.

    Mentoring is what happens when a highly experienced individual, a Mentor, supports a less experienced person, a Mentee, backing him/her up in his/her path of learning and development.

    The Mentor/Mentee relationship is a collaborative partnership based on learning and growth, in which both subjects share the responsibility of presenting themselves in an open, honest and authentic way.

    Definitions of Mentoring by a Mentor/Mentee

    The mentor’s goal is that of promoting learning. This includes developing people through coaching, being a model, advising and suggesting challenging experiences.

    A mentor is someone supporting somebody else on gaining a competence, speeding up the process.

    Mentoring is a process in which mentor and mentee discover together the hidden talents of the mentee, in order to allow him/her to take opportunities and widen his/her skills.

    The aims of a business mentoring process

    The motivations that can lead a company towards creating an internal mentoring path can be generally summed up in the following points:

    • Assuring the transfer of experiences and of a critical know how
    • Supporting business talents while keeping them highly motivated
    • Backing resources who recently took new roles or responsibilities
    • Enhancing the transfer of business culture
    • Reducing generation gap
    • Improving working atmosphere
    • Promoting difference and inclusion
    • Arousing executive staff’s commitment and passion in building the next generation of leaders